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Additional Partner

Apart from initiative partner Feinkost Dittmann, numerous other manufacturers of delicacies, suppliers of natural food, manufacturers of meat and sausage products and, increasingly, manufacturers of yoghurt products have meanwhile converted their glass jars to feature PVC-free lids.

Zwergenwiese (

The following consumer information is listed under Product Info:

PVC-free seal

ZWERGENWIESE® is one of the first natural food producers to use a PVC-free seal: for our spreads, onion melts, the spread it range, and our tomato sauces. You can recognise it from the blue seal (also called compound). The seal is made of a new synthetic material, without any PVC or softening agents, which makes it much more eco-friendly than the usual seals.  ... more

Bruno Fischer (

The homepage includes a recent article on Bruno Fischer:

Innovative: PVC-free lids

Bruno Fischer takes an active approach to environmental protection! The use of PVC-free lids is only one of many steps, however. Others include conversion to green power and the use of geothermal probes for generating heat as of 01.01.2012. ... more

Food Industry

Manufacturers choose PVC-free closures

PVC-free closures to be on the march

Bremen, August 2012 – Things are progressing. More and more food manufacturers now choose PVC-free sealants. Where shelves were once exclusively dominated by glass jars with contents from Feinkost Dittmann, the list of manufacturers using packaging free of PVC and plasticizers now reads like a Who's Who of the delicacies sector. ... more

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PROVALIN®. The PVC-free Solution by ACTEGA

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