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Thermoplastic Elastomers in daily life

TPE (thermoplastic elastomers) have been in the market since the 80's. They are found in many areas of everyday life, including consumer products, medical technology as well as in the field of electronics.

Since its initial application for tooth brushes and razor grip handles, TPE has revolutionized the personal care market. Since then there has been a significant increase in demand for products with soft grip handles. This also applies to office supplies.

TPE have also a long tradition and increasing growth rates in the sports and leisure sector, such as swimming goggle seals, straps, fins, snorkels, seat and shoe inserts, as well as grip handles for various applications.

Child-safe solutions including physiological safety in accordance with FDA and other regulations are challenged in the toys sector and are met through the use of TPE’s. They are used for tires of toy cars, throwing rings and discs, rubber balls, dolls parts etc.

In the field of baby products there is a even higher importance to the PVC-free alternatives. You will find thermoplastic elastomers in baby bottle teats, pacifiers, cutlery and handles of cups and mugs.

TPE’s satisfy requirements in the area of hot water resistance, seal strength in low and high temperatures, maintaining a long service life and in look and feel within the household appliances sector. Seals, pipes, lever and handles, buttons and knobs, parts for ice cube dispensers, sealing washers for pumps, etc. are made from TPE’s.

TPE’s are also used for furniture, medical technology and food packaging, such as closures and caps. The latter in closure sealants for hot fill applications, dispenser hoses for dairy products, dosing valves for fluids, appropriate microwave container lids.

Thermoplastic elastomers are the proven and safe alternative to PVC-based applications and processing.

PROVALIN® is a registered trademark of ACTEGA, Bremen
SEAL® is a registered trademark of PANO, Itzehoe

PROVALIN®. The PVC-free Solution by ACTEGA

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