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PVC-freier Verschluss


Free of PVC and plasticizers

PROVALIN® was developed already some ten years ago, tested, refined, and gradually made ready for the market beginning in 2010 – last, but not least, because of corresponding EU regulations (including EU 10/2011 and PIM), merchandiser demand for solutions without PVC and plasticizers, and consumer demand for sustainable packaging materials. Since 2011, this sealing solution has been adopted commercially by some of the biggest distributors. The PROVALIN® family has grown to include several variants tailored to specific contents and thermal curing (e.g., for the refrigeration chain, oily contents, sterilization and pasteurization, etc.). With now more than one billion twist-off lids per year in the European market, there is no alternative to this PVC-free solution. The PVC-/plasticizer-free product range meanwhile comprises 12 different diameters. Three of these diameters are available as deep lug cap. The closures are available with BPA-NI interior coating by request.

PROVALIN® compounds for Twist Off® closures are available as blue or white granules.

Steps in the development

2007 Start first evolutionary steps
2007/2008 Patents application PVC-free PROVALIN® technology
2008/2009 First filling trials
  Introduction of annular lining technology

German packaging award for ACTEGA, Pano and Feinkost Dittmann

  PIM 2011 becomes effective
2012 Twist Off® closures with PROVALIN® are commercial
2013 More than 100 millions closures per year
2015 Market boom: more than 500 millions closures in the European market

First trials with Press-On Twist Off® PROVLAIN® closures at the fillers

2017 More than 1 billions closures per year – European Market
2018 Press-On Twist Off® closures are commercial
  Canmaker-Award for Pelliconi
2020 Introduction ACTGreen® PROVALIN®


Why PVC-free? - A comparison

  • PVC compound =

60% polymer PVC + 35 - 40% liquid plasticizer + lubricants, stabilizers: plasticizers are not chemically bund with the PVC and can migrate into fatty and oily foodstuffs

  • TPE compound =

99% PROVALIN® granules + lubricants, stabilizers: no PVC, no plasticizers, low migration

PROVALIN® and ACTGreen® are registered trademarks of ACTEGA, Bremen

PROVALIN®. The PVC-free solution by ACTEGA

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