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It was covered by ÖKO-Test: "ÖKO-TEST has long criticized lid closures containing PVC. Not only because PVC pollutes the environment but also because it integrates plasticizers which can migrate into food. But now there is a PVC-free lid alternative available."

In its 9/2011 issue, "Schrot & Korn" included an article on the issue of food packaging: "Meanwhile there are alternatives to seals containing PVC", quoting Zwergenwiese, among others: "We have been wanting PVC-free lids for decades ... and this is what we've ordered."

Where's the positive part? asks the editor of the Greenpeace magazine in their special edition "Food from A to Z". This was a reference to German writer Erich Kästner who once posed this question, answering "Yes, the devil knows what's happened to it!". "There's plenty that's positive in our Food Special..." he goes on to say, and he's right. Alongside a great deal of scandalous news the 84-page magazine also includes many examples of gratifying developments. The article on packaging "Looks good on the outside but inside is horrible - points out that lids and cartons contain large amounts of chemicals which can get into the food.

The lid was a reason for German consumer magazine ÖKO-Test (9/12) to take another close look at the herbed olives produced by Dittmann Feinkost. Quote: "Because they have a blue ring that says PVC-free seal. So at last it looks like there's a manufacturer who's managed to bring jars without PVC in the lids onto the market. We had that tested in the lab. And indeed, no PVC/PVDC/chlorinated plastics were detected in the lid. And the labs that we contracted did not find any other dubious substances in the lid either."

The internet-platform "Kochen & Kuchen - Das Küchen College" reported recently the topic PVC-free closures to be on the march: "Things are progressing. More and more food manufacturers now choose PVC-free sealants.

Foods are often packed expensively. This can not only grow the piles of rubbish - also a lot of chemicals be hiding in closures and boxes that migrates into food and will be swallowed.
Packaging protects our food - but are themselves often a source of undesirable substances. "Probably 100,000 substances migrate from packaging into food" estimates Konrad Grob, a leading european analyst for packaging. read more <Ger.>

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