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No more migration issues

Interactions between packaging and foodstuffs are nothing new. In ancient times, many wealthy Romans suffered from chronic lead poisoning because the acidic wine dissolved the toxic heavy metal from the glazing of wine amphorae.

Packaging should not be as dangerous today as it was, however the topic “migration” is still an on-going debate for sealants of metal closures. So far PVC-based sealing compounds contain phthalates or other plasticizers that are added to the formulation to increase elasticity and workability and optimize from nature based inherently hard and brittle materials. The downside: These soft making additions are not included in the plastic and are easily removed by grease or liquids. This is how they migrate from the packaging into the filled goods. The EU identified this migration issue at an early stage and included article three of the framework regulation 1935 / 2004 which specifies that materials and articles in contact with foodstuffs are not allowed to induce health hazard, any unacceptable change in the composition of the foodstuffs and any deterioration in the organoleptic characteristics. This directive can only be achieved with PVC-free materials.

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No more migration issues


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